12 Sets of Free Seamless and High-Res Denim Textures


Designers can never have enough textures. Since there are countless of uses for textures, having an arsenal of high-resolution textures packs could be very handy at times. The good news is, there are many photographers and designers out there who are willing to share their textures for free. In this post, we decided to come up with a round up of useful and high-quality denim textures. Denim or jeans textures is a popular resource for many different aspects of design.


Bright Red Color Palette: Radishes

bright red radish color combination palette

Again, nature is the best source for color inspiration. I am not referring to the bright colored fruits and flowers. Vegetables can be colorful too! Just looking at these red radishes makes me happy. The bright red tones found in this vegetable are very fascinating and I think it would be nice to use them in my designs. Hmmm… how about creating a brochure for a restaurant using the hues found in radishes? If you are also enticed with these red tones, then this post is for you. Here I am sharing a color palette inspired by red radishes.


13 Free Hi-Res Clouds at Dusk Textures

sky and clouds free textures

I love cloud watching. It has become a favorite past time especially if I’m not in the city. Last week I had a wonderful time just lying around some beach in a remote island far far away. Luckily I had my DSLR camera with me so I was able to took beautiful cloud and sky textures at high resolution.


Color Palette: Purple Brown Hues of Garlic

garlic brown purple palette

At first glance, you will never think of garlic as a source of color inspiration. But today, we are going to change that. The purples and browns found in garlic would make a very nice color scheme for a website, a layout of a magazine or book, or perhaps, a color scheme for a bedroom or a family room. The browns combined with very subtle grays can create a very harmonious effect. Use purple as highlight in this color palette.


6 Blue Floral Pattern Backgrounds

blue floral background patterns

Here is another set of floral patterns, this time in blue color scheme. These patterns are seamless and would therefore look nice as background for websites, posters and other design projects you may have. Included below is the link to the Photoshop patterns (.pat) file.


Summer Color: Yellow Pineapple Hues


Summer calls for bright and fun colors like those we found on tropical fruits such as pineapple. Using this color palette will sure bring your designs to life. Yellow is a bright color, thus, it is often described as cheery and warm. It is also the most attention-getting color and therefore even small amounts of this color can already draw attention of people.


Floral Background Patterns No.1


Using patterns as background is an easy way to make attractive designs. And since summer is almost here, we decided to come up with some beautiful patterns featuring swirls and flowers in bright reds and oranges that you can use as background for your designs. These patterns would look nice as background for a summer-themed websites, flyers for events or for other design projects. We have included the Photoshop patterns (.pat) file to give you more flexibility in using them.

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