Here are some tutorials on how to use textures effectively in your designs and learn to make your own textures in Photoshop.

TUTORIAL 01 – Create a grungy background using patterns


Learn how to add a gunge effect to a clean metal background using colors, textures and other elements in Photoshop.

TUTORIAL 02 – Texturizing Old Paper


Are you tired of browsing through archives of textures looking for that old paper texture that you have for a design? It is easy to get frustrated jumping from one website to another only to find out that the textures that you can find are short of what exactly you are looking for. So why not make your own textures? Interested? Then this tutorial is for you

TUTORIAL 03 – The Ultimate Wood Texture Tutorial


Sure, you could take a photo of some wood and use that for a texture. But the real way to separate the Photoshop men from the boys is to make your own. In this tutorial, we are going to create a wood texture and apply some artwork on top of it that has an aged paint feel.

TUTORIAL 04 – Add Visual Texture 3 Easy Steps


The use of textures in design are incredibly important in defining a surface.  While we can not create actual tactile textures in digital design, we can create the visual illustion of 3D texture.  This Tutorial aims to show you an easy way to do just that.

TUTORIAL 05 – Add Stock Textures to Images for extra ‘Oomph’


This  Photoshop tutorial demonstrates the use of texture in artwork.Obviously this method will work better with some things and not so well with others, so please try to use it in moderation, if you will.

TUTORIAL 06 – Crumpled Photo Texture Tutorial


This tutorial demonstrates an effect that gets so photorealistic it led to some cheating controversies in the past. Aside from the interest of the created effect it also gives key layer technique information.

TUTORIAL 07 – 10 Tips for Shooting for Graphic Textures


Remnant Productions through Digital Photography School has ten tips for photographers to hone their skills in shooting for textures.

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